September 27, 2023

Top 5 NFT Generators for Creators Who Don’t Code

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As NFTs continue to grow in the art world and other creative circles, so are design tools to help creators turn their art into non-fungible tokens.

Of course, this makes total sense because as digital collectibles go mainstream, more opportunities arise to get in the excitement of this space.

While it's probably obvious, some tools are great while others, to put it bluntly, aren’t.

So to save you the trouble of endlessly scrolling through Google search to find the ideal NFT generator for your project, we did a quick review of the best tools available so you can get that collection up and running.

1. Bueno Generator

Is this a shameless plug?

Perhaps 💅

Except we wouldn't call it shameless. We had to include the Bueno Generator simply because it is the right tool for most (if not all) NFT creators.

Objectively speaking, the Bueno Generator is one of the easiest ways to turn your art into digital collectibles that's ready for the blockchain, and there are a good number of reasons why.

First, it's a super-fast process of turning your art into a collection. All you have to do is follow a few simple steps:

  1. Upload your art: Don't worry about figuring out how to upload or organize your layers! We'll show you how to get started.
  2. Set your rules and rarity: Mess around a little with the rarity of your traits until you like what you see.
  3. Preview your work: Make sure your art and metadata are ready with unlimited previews.
  4. Export your collection: Once everything looks good, download your tokens and metadata.

If you're thinking, "Dang, that sounds pretty easy," that's because it is. We want to give you total control over your tokens and your project with the Bueno Generator.

A GIF of the Bueno Generator AI

So whether it's a collection of 1/1s or 10,000 tokens, you're in the driver's seat when it comes to generating your project.

Plus, whenever you feel like you need help understanding part of the generative process, we have videos and other resources to answer all your questions.

But while a simple and seamless process is one thing, something else blows Bueno users' minds even more: there's zero coding needed to convert your artwork into NFTs.

Yes, you read that correctly. You need zero coding skills to use the Bueno Generator and create your dream NFT collection. It's easy to see why creators and artists of all skill levels have some nice things to say about this tool:

Social proof from other creators who used Bueno.

With all this good stuff in mind, there are still plenty of other great NFT generators for creators. Next up are a few of our favorites.

2. Dall·E 2

If I only had two words to describe Dall·E 2, they would be "Freaking awesome."

Dall·E 2 is a product developed by OpenAI. It's an AI system that creates stunning art and images from written natural language. In more basic terms, it's like a magic wand that turns your text descriptions into a visual masterpiece.

DALL E 2 logo and examples of the art it generates.

While this tool is incredible for anyone with an NFT dream, it’s especially useful for those who don't usually consider themselves artists. Now, instead of sharpening your design skills, Dall·E 2 lets you use your words to make art for your NFT project.

Dall·E 2 has other features like creating beautiful variations of original artworks or making realistic edits to existing images from a natural language caption.

The main goal for the team behind Dall·E 2 is empowering people to express themselves creatively, and so far, this tool seems to be pushing a lot of new creatives to generate digital art using words.

3. PixelChain

If you're all about pixel art and want to create your own NFTs with this style, then PixelChain is calling your name.

PixelChain is an NFT generator that functions almost exactly as the name might suggest:

  • Draw your pixel art.
  • Mint in on the Ethereum blockchain.
  • Sell it on OpenSea.

And it's all quickly done on their user-friendly tools.

PixelChain UI

While it is limited to pixel art, the tool is still very powerful and an excellent option for NFT creators interested in generating a specific token style.

Here's how the PixelChain team describes it:

Whenever a PixelChain gets minted our innovator smart contract will encode all the image data, compress it and send it to the blockchain, where it gets stored together with its name and author information. Later on this data can be always accessible directly from the blockchain, decompressed and decoded by our open source decoder in order to rebuild the original image that was created by the artist.

A quick look at some of the featured artwork made with PixelChain shows that creatives have endless imagination and can generate beautiful NFTs with this product.

4. SketchAR

SketchAR is an all-in-one app for digital creators who want easy-to-use art tools. On top of that, SketchAR focuses on community, collaboration between artists, and helping digital creators monetize their artwork.

Since its release, SketchAR can show off an impressive collection of positive media coverage highlighting how superb this Web3 app is.

Ui for the SketchAR app.

Even if you're on the fence about using these tools, a quick scroll down their homepage shows a sizeable library of resources like tutorials, a highly-interesting Web3 blog, and plenty more.

After playing around and exploring what this slick product is capable of, it's easy to see why they have so many accolades along with a steadily growing user base.

5. Spline

Here's one for the 3D creators out there!

If you're into making 3D scenes, editing 3D graphics, or modeling 3D objects, Spline is a tool you'll want to know.

There are many reasons to get hyped on this app, but one of the first things that jump out is the ability to collaborate on 3D projects in real time. This feature is huge when it comes to improving workflow and ensuring that your team's goals are always aligned.

Spline logo and UI

Here are some of the other dope features that Spline offers:

  • Animation
  • Creating interactive experiences
  • Improving scenes with materials
  • 3D sculpting

Plus, considering it's a young company, there are plenty of exciting things on its roadmap.

A world of web3 tools

As the world becomes more integrated with web3, the need for more sophisticated creative products will grow exponentially. So while this list of tools is guaranteed to help many of you with your NFT projects, you should always #DYOR and keep an eye out for the next groundbreaking tool.

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