November 22, 2023

Shaping the future of digital art with Mintamintae

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In a bold fusion of creativity and innovation, the art collective Mintamintae is reshaping the digital art scene.

Hailing from Spain, the members of Mintamintae are a blend of unique talents, each with a fearless ability to create visual stories that captivate audiences worldwide.

While each individual is distinct in their styles and the way they craft their visual messages, the unified goal of this group is to push the boundaries of digital art. In many ways, this collective of forward-thinking artists is revolutionary, and when the idea of a collaboration came up, we were beyond excited.

Seven creators of this collective made exclusive open and limited edition pieces using Bueno Drops, and the result was a captivating set of visually stunning digital collectibles.

We spotlighted these creators to help amplify their messages, so please join us as we delve a little deeper into each one of these drops and explore how these creators are shaping the digital art scene.

1. Pedro Saavedra – Territorios de la esperanza

Pedro J. Saavedra is a multifaceted artist known for his work in photography, filmmaking, and story writing. Born in Seville (Triana) in 1976, Saavedra describes himself as compulsively curious and driven by a passion for travel. His work reflects a blend of visual storytelling with a keen observation of the human condition and the spaces we inhabit.

In his piece 'Territorios de la esperanza,' Pedro captures the essence of one of the most vital and beautiful corners of Spain's natural ecosystems.

Beyond the vintage photographic tones that visually draw viewers in, this photograph is a powerful reminder of preserving our world and safeguarding these spaces of untouched beauty.

'Territorios de la esperanza' by Pedro Saavedra

2. Xabier Iglesias - Amaterasu

Based in Donostia, San Sebastian, Xabier Iglesias is a natural storyteller, but a more accurate description of Xabier is that he's a poet who uses AI to bring his verses into the visual realm.

Xabier uses a variety of sources of inspiration to create his digital works, but he is heavily influenced by Japanese and anime culture. You can see this influence in his open edition 'Amaterasu,' which tells the story of a young goddess and a mystical snake that desires the warmth of light.

The geisha-like goddess and divine snake have an enchanting quality that gives this open edition a magnetic essence. The message behind the art shows viewers that even in the dark moments, there is always a ray of hope.

'Amaterasu' by Xabier Iglesias

3. Joaquin Rodríguez - Forever Young

Joaquín Rodríguez is a digital contemporary artist based in Madrid, known for his unique approach to graphic art. Joaquín's style is characterized by geometric abstraction, with references to technological elements, and his work is deeply influenced by cyberpunk culture and reflects his contemplations on the role of technology in human life. Perhaps most notably, Joaquin uses ballpoint pens as his primary artistic tool, highlighting his intense dedication to detail and precision.

Much of his artistic journey can be attributed to his background in architecture, which he studied in Madrid. This education has played a pivotal role in shaping his approach to art, particularly in structure and design, and it can even be seen in his drop 'Forever Young.'

The composition is sharp and magnificently detailed, giving viewers something new to look at whenever they immerse themselves in the art. And while dark in tones and hues, there is still something hopeful in the face of the young protagonist.

'Forever Young' by Joaquin Rodríguez

4. Miriam Persand - Decadence

Miriam Persand is a philosopher, cartoonist, illustrator, and graphic designer with a skill for creating anthropomorphic creatures with eerily relatable human emotions. Her style is vibrant and full of humor with a sarcastic edginess that gives her art an extra layer of intrigue.

Persand also has an eye-poppingly impressive list of clients, with her illustrations appearing in renowned publications like The New York Times and GQ.

In her open edition drop 'Decadence,' Persand takes viewers to a retro-futuristic moonlit landscape littered with iconic artifacts of the 80s and 90s. While the deeper meaning behind the photo is up for interpretation, there is a tranquil essence mixed with a post-apocalyptic vibe, leaving viewers with an inkling of hope.

'Decadence' by Miriam Persand

5. Zinkete - Time to Glow

Renowned for his work as an illustrator and art toy maker, Zinkete passion for drawing started at a very young age. With diverse creative skills, Zinkete displays his talents through various domains, including video games, cartoon series, and movies.

His approach to art and life is unique, as he describes himself as a bipolar human being, finding joy in both summer and winter and expressing his creativity through various mediums, with a particular love for drawing with pencils.

In 'Time to Glow,' Zinkete shows us his playful side with an unexpectedly beautiful story of mushrooms and their metaphysical powers. Ultimately,  this drop unveils Zinkete's talent for creating characters that speak to the child inside us.

'Time to Glow' by Zinkete

6. Microbians – REDsistance Warrior

Gabriel Suchowolski, known artistically as Microbians, is a multi-talented creative whose artistic prowess extends to illustration, motion design, photography, coding, mathematics, and music. His unique blend of skills reflects an innovative approach to the digital arts, where he intertwines different disciplines to create distinct and engaging works.

For his open edition 'REDsistance Gods,' Microbians explored the realm of mythological warriors. Apart from his characters' unique style and beautiful subtleties, the lore behind the art is deeply engaging.

This exclusive piece further cements Microbian's status as a master storyteller with creative command across various mediums. It also further showcases his leadership in digital and creative arts.

'REDsistance Gods' by Gabriel Suchowolski

Supporting artists worldwide

In their own words, Mintamintae sees their art collective as a springboard into a new era of artistic expression. This type of creative drive deeply inspires us, and the goal for joining forces with such a dynamic and innovative group is to amplify the voices of diverse artists, fostering a global community where creativity knows no bounds.

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