Bueno Team

Where art meets blockchain

In 2021, Pablo Stanley decided to create an NFT collection as a side project. He brought Zack, Gabs, and Jason along to learn together.

After going through this rollercoaster, we discovered a new way to create art.

People sitting in the back seat of a roller coasterPeople sitting in the front seat of a roller coaster
A black and white picture of a group of people.A white ball with black dots on it.bueno planetA black and white image of a diamond on a green background.Ethereum shape

We learned innovative concepts, met a vibrant community, and found a space that needs help solving problems.

Right then we knew we could improve the space.

A screen shot of a web page with a bunch of cartoon characters

We launched a powerful no-code toolkit for NFT creators to take them through the whole lifecycle of a project.

Once creators discovered Bueno...

A cartoon looking at the laptop

Spending days learning about blockchain or coding to enter the space was a thing of the past.

Black and white cartoon playing games

Buggy tools were no longer a problem.

A black and white cartoon is enjoying a vacation in the mountains

The fear of messing up your smart contract code went away.

A black and white cartoon is writing on the board

Risks of hiring anonymous web3 devs didn’t need to be taken.

Now, creators from all backgrounds are launching digital collectibles with Bueno.

A girl with red hair holding a bow and arrow.A drawing of a bird with red hair.A girl with a cat ears and a bow on her head.
A cartoon character with blue hair and pink eyes.A cat with a butterfly on its head.A pink crab with a yellow crown on its head.
A cartoon animal wearing a hat and sunglasses.A pixel art picture of a person wearing a hat.A close up of a person wearing a purple costume.
A pink owl wearing a tuxedo and a black bow tie.A person with glasses and a hat holding an ice cream cone.A pink butterfly with big eyes on a black background.
A woman with blonde hair and a black shirt.A cartoon of a boy sitting in front of a computer.A drawing of a teddy bear with heart shaped glasses.

Btw, we aren’t avatars.
We are real peeps!

If you want to join our remote team of diverse NFT enthusiasts, check out our open positions, or shoot us your resume!

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A group of people posing for a picture.
A group of people posing for a picture in front of a mural.
A group of people posing for a picture.

We are making the creation of NFTs accessible for everyone!