November 1, 2023

Simple Tips to Make Your Buenoverse More Engaging

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A famous philosopher once said, "With great power comes great responsibility."

Okay, maybe this was just a quote from Spiderman, but the meaning behind these words is still profoundly accurate. When it comes to building worlds in Buenoverse, it's a phrase that should live in the minds of all creators.

If you're thinking, "What is this person talking about? What am I responsible for now that I have immense world-building power?"

The answer is simple: you are now responsible for creating the most engaging and endlessly entertaining world possible for your community!

Putting silly Spiderman philosophy aside, when it comes to creating your own space, the most important thing is that you are having fun and building something for yourself.

But if you want to create a place that your friends and community can enjoy, you should focus on making it interactive, fun, and inviting. The goal should be to make a world people want to visit and constantly explore.

If that sounds like a lot to manage, don't worry because we have all the tips and tricks you can easily apply to your world to take it to a new level of awesomeness.

The keys to building an engaging world

There's more to creating an interactive and enticing world than beautiful visual aesthetics. To keep visitors interested, they need incentives that keep them eager for more.

Characters having conversations in Ilyaverse a new Buenoverse

While this seems challenging, it's much easier than you think! You have all the tools at your fingertips to turn your world into your community's favorite online destination, and they are super intuitive and simple to use.

A great place to start making your world more engaging is by adding dialogue for world’s inhabitants.

1. Capture your visitors with conversations

An NPC from Buenoverse and the generated dialogue.
A conversation with the Chaos Deity in BodegaCaribe

There's nothing like conversing with the characters in a brand-new Buenoverse. Having Non-playable characters (NPCs) you can chat with adds new layers of engagement that your visitors will appreciate.

Giving a character or an object the ability to talk is simple and extremely powerful. Here's how it works:

  1. Select a character or any object in your virtual world.
  2. After selecting a character, go to abilities in the toolbar(?) above and select dialogue.
  3. Once in the dialogue builder, you'll find a dialogue tree. Here is where you can start designing intricate conversations.
  4. You can select different options for your dialogue tree. You can have AI help you create a response, check your guest's permissions, check their items, give them an item, plus other dynamic options.
  5. Next, each block in your flow represents a step. You can have your player ask questions, answer questions, display actions based on permissions, and more.
  6. At the end of each block, you will see a dropdown menu to help you determine if you want to end the conversation, go to the next block, or repeat the conversation.
  7. You can also add token gates or permission gates to your conversations. Only certain players can move forward with the dialogue based on the rules you create.
  8. You can also add emotes to your NPC player at different steps in the conversation. This will help spice up the interactions.

Lastly, it is important to remember dialogues open up a whole new element of gamification within your world. You can hook your visitors into investigating your space by giving them experience points for getting further into conversations.

If you want a great example of a world that crushes character dialogue, look no further than BodegaCaribe.

2. Creating engagement through interactions

Portals, mountable objects, and paths are powerful interactions that add complexity and size to your world, giving your quests an element of mystery to explore.

The goal is for your visitors to immerse in your space fully, so we made it super easy for all builders to add these captivating interactions to their world.

Portals in Buenoverse are a quick way to expand your world.

Adding portals to your worlds

Once you enter into build mode, here's what you need to do to build a portal:

  1. Once in build mode, click on the menu to enter selection mode.
  2. Once you're in selection mode, ensure the 'Element' tab is enabled. Now, you can select any object or element in your world.
  3. Next, choose an object or element in your world that you want to turn into a portal. Once you select that element, you'll see its properties in the menu above.
  4. Select the lightning bolt icon to enter the interactions menu. Now, choose the portal option, and just like that, you have your portal entrance.
  5. For a portal to work, you must choose another portal as an exit. Find another object or element in your world that you want to be the exit, and repeat the previous steps.
  6. Return to your first portal, click the arrow and circle icon, and select the exit portal here. Now, press escape, ensure it works, and enjoy traveling between your portals at warp speed!

Portals let players actively engage with and explore the game environment, making the world feel more dynamic and spacious. Plus, they also encourage players to venture beyond their initial surroundings and discover the full extent of the world.

A great example of a world that uses portals is the Feeshes Haunted Mines. They cleverly use portals to make their world feel massive, which makes exploring their spooky space even more alluring.

Mountable objects and adding movement with paths

Making objects climbable and moveable is super easy, but most importantly, it gives your world a professional touch.

Here's how to make objects mountable:

  1. Select an object, then go into the interaction menu.
  2. Next, go into abilities and select mountable.
  3. You can tweak the z-index and hitbox to ensure you can climb on top of your object.

And just like that, you can add new dimensions to your world. Now, if you want to create a path for your object to move on, that is also equally simple:

  1. Enter build mode, click the + icon to open the dropdown menu, and select path.
  2. A default path will appear, so you must adjust the nodes to create the path you want.
  3. Next, select your mountable or other object and place it on the path.
  4. Sit back and enjoy as the object magically glides around your world.

Your world becomes instantly more dynamic with movable objects.

There are many great examples of mountable and moving objects, but the Scallywags' world went above and beyond. Their immense universe they created has tons of moving objects and mountable elements that invite guests to explore every corner of this fascinating space.

Make your world magical, engage your visitors

By thinking about engagement, you're considering your guests' experience. And by making the ultimate experience for them, you are taking the proper steps toward creating a space your community loves and repeatedly visits.

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