November 1, 2023

Meet Polina Suvorova: The Artist Turning 3D Art into Virtual Realities

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Polina Suvorova loves drawing, but it wasn't until 2021 that she discovered her passion for creating 3D art.

It all happened when she discovered the right software to help her turn her ideas into beautiful 3D art. Once she saw the results of her 3D projects come to life, she dove head-first into this new passion and didn't look back.

With Buenoverse, our new no-code tool that allows anyone to create 2D worlds and games, it was no surprise that she built Lollipop Lake, a visually stunning and interactive world.

Polina made Lollipop Lake with meticulous attention to detail and technical expertise. Each element of the environment, from the shimmering water to the swaying trees, is expertly crafted, creating a whimsical and enchanting experience.

We sat down with Polina to discuss the process of building Lollipop Lake, plus learn more about what it was like creating with Buenoverse and working with the Bueno team.

Getting started with Buenoverse

Before building a world, you need to have an idea of what this space is going to be like. For Polina, she knew exactly what she wanted for her world and what she wanted visitors to experience in Lollipop Lake.

"Everything starts with the idea. There are so many themes that creators can use to build worlds, but grown-ups sometimes wish they could feel like kids again, so I wanted this place to be a little fairy-tale for adults to enjoy."

Having the type of world she wanted in mind, the next step for Polina was finding inspiration for the space. Again, having references and an idea was crucial to making an interactive and engaging world.

Well, I try to find inspiration everywhere: beautiful clouds, exciting architecture, cute fluffy puppies in the park, and cartoons, of course.

Once she had the concept of the world and the inspiration, she started planning and mapping the layout of the space. By doing this, the vision for Lollipop Lake was one step closer to reality.

  • Pro tip: Create a mental map of your world and sketch it out. Having a clear concept of the layout will help with workflow and alterations.

Creating the assets for Lollipop Lake

With the theme set and a mental map of the world planned out, Polina began creating the 3D assets for this magical land of sugary goodness.

Polina knew she wanted a few specific things from the objects in these worlds: she wanted them to be eye-catching and attract the player's attention.

Building upon the theme of Lollipop Lake, she added some classic objects everyone can recognize, like candy canes, lollipops, hearts, cookies, ice cream trucks, and more iconic elements.

3D creations like a lollipop, ice cream truck, and a candy cane.
Polina's sweet 3D assets rendered by hand.

These recognizable objects make Lollipop Lake delightful and add to the immersive experience by giving visitors more to explore and engage with.

  • Pro tip: To create a world that keeps guests endlessly entertained and returning to explore more, consider objects and how they play into the experience!

Making friendly NPCs for Lollipop Lake

It's not just the beautiful art and stunning visuals that make this world so much fun but also the cute NPCs that players can chat with.

While exploring this sweet universe, you can stop to chat with a charming pig who also happens to be a ballerina. Or, you can enter the bakery and chat with Tom the cat (he might have a few fun tips for you.)

The adorable Bakery in Lollipop Lake.

Here's how Polina described making her characters:

I wanted to add extra cheer into my world with fun NPCs that players can communicate with. In Lollipop Lake, everything is possible. If you can talk to a piggy ballerina, anything is possible.

Fun inhabitants like these make worlds like Lollipop Lake even more engaging. Characters give worlds another layer of interaction and allow creators to build out their stories and games in Buenoverse.

  • Pro tip: you don't have to be an expert illustrator or artist to make awesome NPCs. Our AI generator can help you make as many NPCs as you want to fill up your world

Working with the Bueno team

Even creators with top-tier artistic skills sometimes need help bringing their worlds into reality. While Polina had no problem navigating the creating process in Buenoverse and using the different functions, she had some questions.

But just like her world, working with the Bueno team was a delightful experience, "I'd call the Bueno team a "Dream Team." Everyone was super-kind, talented, and knowledgeable about the project. They were able to answer all of my questions quickly, and I could always get help or advice."

From illustration to 3D rendering to the final asset ready for Lollipop lake.

It's our mission to always be there for our creators and help them have the best experience with our tools because it's always more fun when building is a breeze.

  • Pro tip: If you need a question answered quickly, check out our help docs first. We cover everything you need to know about our tools there, and you're sure to find an answer to your questions!

Creators can build with the Lollipop Lake kit

Only some have Polina's design chops, but that's okay because you can create your own 3D world with the Lollipop Lake kit.

A variety of cute 3D assets in the Lollipop Lake kit.

It's an asset kit packed with fabulous components to make your world stand out and more interactive. It has items like:

  • Candy canes
  • Sweet Ferris wheels
  • Ice cream trucks
  • Heart-shaped balloons
  • Colorful butterflies
  • Smiling stars
  • And even a friendly panda who can live in your world as a friendly NPC!

With this library of creative goodies, nothing is stopping you from expanding your imagination and opening up new realms of creativity.

  • Pro tip: If you feel stumped or blocked with building your world, scroll through the asset kits to generate new ideas. You're sure to find the missing piece that will spark your imagination. You can check out our help docs to learn more about working with kits.
  • Super pro tip: Using modular design, you can create reusable components (or modules) that can be combined in various ways to design addition complex structures or scenes. When creating a 3D world, modular asset creation is especially useful for creating large environments.

A new place for 3D worlds

Lollipop Lake offers a visually stunning and immersive experience. With its vibrant colors, intricate details, and cartoon-like animations, it transports users into a whimsical world filled with lollipops, candy canes, and other sweet treats. The level of realism achieved in this virtual landscape was a first for Buenoverse.

While Lollipop Lake is the first 3D-rendered world, it certainly won't be the last. Polina's beautiful work is a prime example of what creators can accomplish while building with this tool and how they can turn any idea into an engaging and immersive reality.

Plus, once a world is built, there are endless options for what creators can do with it. For example, your own 3D world could be the perfect space to bring your community to hang out, chat, and build together. Aside from just chilling in your space, you can do things like create a gallery for your art, host events, throw a dance party, or if you’re feeling like taking it a step further, you can build a quest for visitors to dive into. In short, the possibilities of what you can do in your universe are immense.

By opening the doors for other 3D artists and giving other creators the building blocks they need with the Lollipop Lake kit, Polina's universe represents a beautiful and entertaining milestone in the realm of world-building.

If you're feeling inspired to start building your own Buenoverse but have questions, hit up our help docs or watch our Bueno School tutorials! You'll find all the answers you'll need to get started on your next creative adventure.

Build your own Lollipop Lake. Build Now.
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