November 1, 2023

Bueno Bytes: Another Round of Big Product Updates

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In the last three months, we here at Bueno HQ have been focused on making more key updates to propel your creativity in new ways.

These changes aim to improve your experience as a creator; from enhancing your workflow to adding a bit of fun to your creative process, our focus is on making sure that you love what you're doing.

So, after tightening the screws and making adjustments, here are another batch of updates that we think you'll love.

1. Buenoverse is live!

Congratulations! You're a world builder now.

In August, we launched Buenoverse, our newest design tool that lets anyone create 2D worlds and games with friends, all from your browser! It's all about unlocking your imagination and having fun while you create the interactive world of your dreams.

Here are a few of worlds that creatives like you have built with Buenoverse:

🍭 Lollipop Lake

☕️ IlyaVerse

🍹 BodegaCaribe

And that's just naming a few! Each day, more people are building more worlds and discovering what's possible with this new tool.

Build your world →

2. Support for new file formats

We want all types of artists to enjoy the new levels of creativity that Bueno offers, so we are making changes that will allow creators to add .glb and .gltf files into drops.

In other words, soon doors will be open to a new community of creators who want to dive into open and limited editions (we're looking at you, 3D artists).


Creators will be able to drop .glb and .gltf files.

Supporting these file types allows collectors to fully engage with your art, viewing it from every angle. And with their efficient file size, they're ideal for both open and limited editions.

Coming very soon!

3. Embeddable forms

Collecting data just got a lot faster!

UI of embeddable forms with Bueno

Now you can embed a small code on your collection page or website and gather insights from your community in a flash with Bueno Forms.

Get that data →

4. More efficiency with the new dashboard

Since a smooth workflow is always a plus when creating, we revamped our dashboard to help you find and organize your projects faster and easier.

UI of the new Bueno dashboard

Whether it's a generative collection, a drop, a form, or a Buenoverse, everything is more conveniently at your fingertips.

More specifically, here's what's new:

  • You can 'Favorite' your projects to pin them at the top of your sidebar.
  • Archive old projects and find them at the bottom of your sidebar.

A more organized dashboard means peace of mind, a pleasant and seamless experience, and more time to focus on your art.

Check it out →

5. Add maximum per wallets to allowlists

A lot of creators were asking for more flexibility with allowlists. We loved that idea and decided to make some tweaks to make this possible.

A GIF showing the maximum per wallet feature.

For generative collections and drops, you can now customize how many tokens each wallet on your allowlist can mint, breaking free from a global limit.

6. Preview token rarity in collections

We thought it would be neat if you could easily see your token's overall rarity score, so we changed things up. Now, you can see each digital collectible's overall rarity in the generator preview.


A new way to preview rarity for your tokens.

7. Fresh Buenoverse kits

We added kits full of beautiful assets to help get started building worlds. Think of these kits as helpful little building blocks that will launch your project visions into reality.

There are a bunch of different types of kits like nature kits, pirate kits, and way more! Buenoverse also has curated kits from worlds like Barbieland and Lollipop Lake, so you can build a universe with even more beautiful assets.

Different asset kits for world-builders in Buenoverse.

So, if you're feeling stumped while building your worlds, explore some kits and you will sure find the missing piece you were looking for!

How do you use these kits? Go into build mode, click on asset manager, then click on the kits tab or read our help docs for a step-by-step guide.

8. More Bueno School tutorials

For creators needing a little more assistance with Buenoverse, we added a new class to our growing list of Bueno School tutorials.

Thumbnails for the Bueno School tutorials.

It covers all the essentials and basics a creator needs to build worlds. Here are the chapters that are currently available in the tutorial:

Think of these tutorials as your beginner's guide to creating an engaging and interactive space. Once you finish watching these, you'll be one step closer to inviting all your friends to play games and go on quests in your world.

9. We went to Forward Festival

On September 14th, Bueno went to Forward Festival in Berlin! Our CEO, Pablo Stanley, gave an exclusive demo on how to turn your 2D designs into interactive worlds with Buenoverse.

Photos of Pablo presenting at Forward Festival.

We always love hanging out with the community, meeting new people, and teaching others about the creative tools we're working on, so make sure to get a ticket because it will be a blast!

And that's a wrap!

We love working on these updates to help you, the creators, do more with our tools. While our top priority is to make products that make your experience smooth, seamless, and easy to use, we also never want to lose sight of one of the most essential aspects: having a blast while being creative!

For now, that's the scoop on everything product at Bueno HQ! Stay tuned because a lot of fun updates are heading down the pipeline.

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