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an animal with a plant on its head
a blue cartoon character with a pink background
a green cat wearing glasses and a black jacket
a picture of a robot flying in the air
a girl with red hair holding a bow and arrow
a person with blue hair and a smiley face
an aerial view of a house from above
a picture of a statue with a lot of confetti coming out of it
a close up of a white and pink object
a cartoon character with a green leaf on top of his head
a picture of a blue elephant with horns
a picture of a person wearing a gas mask
a sticker of a cat wearing glasses
a girl with red hair and a crown on her head
a black and white drawing of a boy wearing goggles
a picture of a woman's head with confetti on it
a picture of a person with a smiley face
a sticker with a picture of a house on it
a painting of an open window with a view of the ocean
a picture of a cartoon character on a black background
a couple of people riding bikes down a street

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a cartoon girl with blue hair and stars on her forehead
As an artist, Bueno gave me the peace-of-mind needed to generate a collection! The team is also super passionate and quick to help with any questions - you don’t just get a platform, but top-notch support as well.
Founder of CosmoPollys
Philip Portrait
I find the Bueno Generator really inspiring creatively. You put all your traits into the tool and it creates really surprising NFTs.
Philip Colbert - The Lobstars

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