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Top NFT Twitter Spaces You Should Listen to in 2022


Jay G. Perlman


I was reading a book about a Civil War veteran who travels from town to town reading the latest news to the area’s people.

August 16, 2022

It’s called News of the World, and while it has absolutely nothing to do with NFTs, the concept of a community gathering in town squares to hear the latest in what’s happening in the world reminded me of NFT Twitter Spaces.

Spaces were first introduced in 2020 and were immediately popular in the Twitter world. If you’re still unfamiliar with what they are, think of them as live chatrooms where people can have conversations.

But in the world of NFTs they go beyond just chatrooms: they’re often the destination for getting the latest alpha on projects and the source for the latest news in Web3.

The tricky part, however, is knowing where to find the right ones that align with your interests. There are a lot of Twitter Spaces, and let’s say they don’t always have the most exciting content (Goblin speak for an hour is a bit much.)

That’s why we went ahead and scoured the Twittersphere for the best shows you need to get your NFT fix. In choosing the top six spaces, we considered a variety of factors. We scoured everything from the spaces with the juiciest alpha to the spaces with the most “unique” style and the spaces that bring the best overall !vibes.

So, before you start randomly sifting through the spaces on your timeline, here are six of the best spaces you can start listening to stay locked into the world of NFTs.

1. Rug Radio

Billed as the first fully decentralized media platform, Rug Radio isn’t exactly a single Twitter space but more like the hub for la crème de la crème of Twitter shows. In other words, Rug Radio is different; it isn’t just a show that focuses on one aspect of NFTs but instead discusses a range of topics, including everything from elevating women in Web3 to spaces dedicated to discussing NFT FOMO.

Rug Radio illustration

It’s a media company that allows for the proliferation of a wide variety of opinions and Web3 news through its Twitter Spaces. Plus, the big names that regularly host these chats make their spaces so alluring. Here’s a shortened list of regular #spacehosts that make appearances on Rug Radio:

  • Farokh: the founder of Rug Radio and an established thought leader in the world of NFTs and Web3.
  • Lindsey Byrnes: a well-known creative director, photographer, and host of the show on Rug Radio WVRP’d Music Mondays.
  • Mando: a thought leader in the NFT space and the host of GM NFTs
  • Crazy Carl: a host of three different shows NFT REWIND, NFT FOMO, and the Crazy Carl show.

Rug Radio is a decentralized media hub, and its Twitter Spaces are the center for different NFT shows to flourish. Maybe, more importantly, Rug Radio is a platform that spreads awareness and educates the community on some of the most critical topics in Web3.

2. Alpha & Chill

Hosted by OKHotshot, Alpha & Chill is a space that covers a range of NFT topics in a digestible and approachable way. With over 50 episodes logged, it’s still a relatively young channel, but that hasn’t prevented it from racking up listeners on each session.

In terms of topics, OKHotshot and his guests go over everything from the latest rug pulls to market trends and sometimes plain old talk of what’s hot in NFTs.

OKHotShot is one of the premier NFT analysts and security experts in the blockchain space right now. Impressively he shares his findings with his Twitter audience and contributes to the greater good with asking for anything in return.

Another significant aspect of this space is that it’s shill free, meaning there aren’t any eye-rolling moments of creatives trying to hype their latest projects. The alpha shared in these conversations is genuinely valuable and exciting, which makes Alpha & Chill ideal for helpful insights.

It’s not just our opinion because if DappRadar is on record saying OKHotShot is one of the premier NFT analysts, then you know you have the right people paying attention.

3. nft now

Known as one of the primary sources for NFT news, nft now Twitter Spaces are a reliable way to get deep knowledge and the most current updates happening in Web3. With nearly 111K followers on Twitter, these spaces regularly create packed chatrooms full of creators, flippers, and all other types of NFT enthusiasts.

There are curated spaces like The Green Room, dedicated to helping musicians and fans navigate Web3, and other spaces like nft right now that feature live chats with NFT creators.

nft now banner

In any case, you’re bound to scratch your NFT itch with an nft now Twitter Space. What’s even better is that they almost always feature awesome guests that contribute to the fun but vast array of knowledge that’s dropped during these chats.

4. NFT Pirate Radio

OpenSea might be the biggest NFT marketplace, but they also are the brand behind one of the most popular Twitter Spaces: NFT Pirate Radio. Considering OpenSea is a powerhouse within the world of non-fungible tokens, it should be no surprise that these Twitter Spaces are laced with information that both collectors and creatives will find useful.

Another great thing about tuning into NFT Pirate Radio is the full range of topics that they’ll cover. Everything from spotlights on minority artists, the latest technology in Web3, and other topical discussions affecting metaverse enthusiasts.

Plus, since they are such a well-known destination for everyone familiar with NFTs, they’re able to bring on the most knowledgeable players on Web3.

One thing to note is that these chats are regularly over an hour long and packed with listeners, so make sure you set aside a little extra time, so you don’t miss out on the discussions.

5. IYKYK Show


If you want to get in on the ground floor of a Twitter Space with high potential, you’ll want to check out IYKYK Show. Hosted by two notable voices, NFTGirl and BelleNFTs.eth, the space will look to both educate and empower creators with a variety of topics. So far, here are some of the themes that have been discussed so far:

  • Creating in a bear market.
  • The power and importance of local NFT events.
  • Film in NFTs.
  • Conference roundups.
  • AMAs with important artists and creatives in Web3.

Another aspect of the space that separates it from other spaces is the mix of high-level and in-depth analysis. NFTGirl and BelleNFTs.eth are both extremely knowledgeable on all things Web3, and their guests are equally well-versed.

While having just recently launched in June 2022, it wouldn’t be a huge surprise if this space blows up and becomes a hub for the latest on all things NFTs.

6. @TheMiamiApe

Laura Rod aka @TheMiamiApe was named by Forbes as a top 10 Latin American influencers. She uses her spaces as a way to share stories, educate other Web3 enthusiasts, and highlight the diversity that exists in the NFT world.


Even after listening to just one space, it’s easy to feel the strength of the community, and how Laura Rod is able to effortlessly shine the spotlight on talented creators. But while her spaces do add a lot of value for the listeners and other speakers, the conversations are also just pure good ol’ fun.

The mood is always positive and artists of all different backgrounds can take away something from this space. Plus, for those looking for a space that regularly features Spanish speakers, you’re in luck with @TheMiamiApe.

Finding your NFT Twitter Space

These suggestions are just a very short list of quality NFT Twitter Spaces. Each one has its flavor and vibe that cater to a specific type of listener, so it’ll be up to you to find the discussions that match your Web3 needs.

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