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4 No Code Smart Contract Deployers for Web3 Projects


Jay G. Perlman


For many NFT creators, developing smart contracts has been a source of dread and misery

September 27, 2023

That's because in the beginning days of smart contracts, creators had to know a bunch of skills just to set one up. Everything from coding to deeper blockchain knowledge was required to launch, and the technical requirements were too big a hurdle for some.

But of course, Web3 will always be a space that evolves quickly, and innovative teams will continue building solutions for people with NFT ambitions.

So while there are plenty of tools for generating digital collectibles, now there are an equally good number of easy-to-use products that make developing smart contracts a breeze.

We're all about making things easy for Web3 creators, so we set out to explore the vast array of smart contract tools. After some deep deliberation, these are the top five smart contracts available.

1. Bueno Smart Contract Deployer

Okay, I know you might think, "There he goes, shilling Bueno again. Classic Perlmanski behavior." But hear me out, and then you can determine if I have a point.

Since Bueno's earliest days, the team envisioned making smart contracts seamless without needing coding skills. With our Smart Contract Deployer, we turned the vision of no-code smart contracts into a reality.

But while no coding makes creating a smart contract more straightforward, we also knew that the process had to be intuitive, quick, and easy for all creators. Here are the three basic phases of creating a smart contract with Bueno:

  1. Setting up: Enter your basic project info like your art, mint price, and the reveal image you'll be using during the launch.
  2. Test your contract: Do a preliminary check of your smart contract by launching your collection on the Rinkeby testnet, and work out any kinks.
  3. Deploy your contract: When everything looks good to go, deploy your contract to the blockchain.

Yup, it's that easy to set up a custom smart contract for your NFT project.

While making it easy to use for creators of all backgrounds and skill levels, there are still more reasons that the Bueno Smart Contract Deployer is a popular choice.

Bueno Smart Contract Deployer UI

One of these reasons is that you get the option to quickly add a mint button to your website with our tool. All you have to do is copy and paste the embed code provided, and voilà, you have a full minting experience ready for your website. Just think of all that cheddar you'll save from not having to hire a developer!

Speaking of saving on cheese, Bueno Smart Contracts are ERC-721A standard contracts, which are gas-optimized and cheaper than deploying your own.

If you're starting to think, "Dang, these are some pretty compelling to deploy with Bueno," I've got news for you: there are still more reasons creators are falling in love with this product:

  • Set advanced minting rules.
  • Airdrop tokens to friends.
  • Enable free mints.
  • Run multi-phase sales.
  • Configure on-chain royalties.
  • Own the contract.

It'd be one thing if you just took my word on all this, but another is hearing from actual creators on why they love the Bueno Smart Contract Deployer:

The most important thing about all this is that making a smart contract for your collection should be stress-free. Now, with all that free time and extra crypto you'll save, you can focus your creative energies on the next phase of your NFT project.

2. Manifold

There's no denying that Manifold is another excellent option for creators who are looking to make a high-quality smart contract. According to its website, Manifold contracts – also known as the Manifold Creator Architecture – are a "more powerful version of the ERC721 and ERC1155 standard token contracts, providing creators with the ability to deploy smart contracts with functionalities beyond basic NFT minting."

Manifold logo along with collections launched on Manifold.

Getting more deeply into the specifics, Creator Core is what Manifold describes as the underlying smart contract for creating NFTs. Here are the functionalities that they highlight:

  • Mint NFTs - a function callable by the contract owner or admin to create new NFTs.
  • Modify NFT Metadata - a function callable by the contract owner or admin to change an NFTs metadata identifier.
  • Transfer NFTs - functions callable by the token owner to transfer ownership of an NFT.
  • Burn NFTs - functions callable by the token owner to destroy an NFT.
  • Set NFT Royalties - functions callable by the contract owner or admin to set token royalty amounts for when an NFT created by the contract is sold or re-sold.

There are more aspects to this Manifold tool that make it a blue-chip Web3 product. Of course, you should always DYOR, but plenty of creators out there launch smart contracts with Manifold.

3. thirdweb

Billed as the place for complete web3 development framework, One of the great things about thirdweb is the variety of smart contract options they offer.

So regardless of the type of Web3 project you want to launch, thirdweb will likely have an option that suits your needs. For example, their Edition Drop contract is designed for creatives who want to release ERC1155 tokens.

thirdweb smart contract

Let's say that you need something else with your project. For example, imagine you want to bundle multiple ERC721, ERC1155, and ER20 tokens into a single ERC 721 contract. With thirdweb you can do that!

There's more to this excellent suite of smart contract options, but having such extensive options is a distinguishing factor to what they offer.

4. NFT-Inator

Not only do they have a cool name, but NFT-Inator also produces a smart contract tool that is great for creators of all skill levels. The first thing that stands out about NFT-Inator is that you can deploy a smart contract without paying upfront fees, saving you some of your crypto before you commit to anything.

NFT-Inator UI

On top of that, they offer a gas-efficient ERC-721 contract with many advanced features like allowlists, pre-sales, variable pricing, and other neat things.

With over 730 communities powered by their smart contract technology, NFT-Inator has plenty of social proof that creators are enjoying the product they provide.

The best smart contract for your Web3 project

With a bit of research and some experimentation, you can find the perfect smart contract that fits the needs of your Web3 project. Just remember that the days of stressing over coding or long hours of working with a developer are over.

Now you have the power to make your own smart contracts, and doing it has never been easier.

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