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Fast and Furious and Fungible: Creating RaceDay NFT with Bueno


Jay G. Perlman


Before you start reading this, I want you to close your eyes and imagine you're at a racing track.

September 27, 2023

What's the first thing that comes to mind?

Is it the sound of revving engines? The smell of burnt rubber? Or the vibrating excitement of thousands of fans about to witness full-on, pedal-to-the-metal, high-octane fun?

It wouldn't be a surprise since these are the typical things associated with racecars and driving circuits.

However, I'd be willing to wager all my crypto that NFTs were far from the first thing you thought of while imagining the racetrack.

But while most people don't usually associate racing with digital collectibles, a select few are trying to change that. More specifically, I'm speaking about the team behind RaceDay NFT.

What is RaceDay NFT?

Founded by Speedway Motorsports in 2021, RaceDay NFT is where fans can get unique racing NFTs. The concept around the project was fairly easy to understand from the start, but the team gave us the breakdown of the vision:

RaceDay NFT is a first-of-its-kind motorsports NFT marketplace for race fans offering various collectibles - officially authenticated and verified on the Flow Blockchain. RaceDay NFT uses Gigantik to power their marketplace and provide utility to collectors.

While RaceDay NFT is a straightforward concept, the project, in many ways, is genius.

NASCAR and other forms of automotive racing are some of the most popular sports in the United States. According to, the latest race at Talladega Speedway brought in 1.019 million viewers.

It just makes sense that such a massively popular sport and a growing NFT space would have plenty of overlap,  and RaceDay NFT is taking advantage of that.

More specifically, the team offers race fans various digital collectibles like tokens, commemorative tickets, and NFTs of beloved Mascots.

But it doesn't just stop at digital collectibles. RaceDay NFT has a bigger plan for NASCAR and racing fans.

IRL Utility NASCAR and NFT fans

RaceDay NFT uses Gigantik – a platform for brands and creators to launch  NFT projects – to power its marketplace and provide utility to collectors.

Using Gigantik gives the RaceDay NFT team the ability to understand how to engage with their audience and reward them accordingly.

Gigantik logo next to the Gigantic text

Here's how they frame the utility that collectors get with these NFTs

We utilize the challenges feature of the platform to create frequent collector goals, and the snapshot and airdrop features to reward those who completed the challenges new NFTs or future perks such as discounts, early and exclusive access to new drops. Recently, Gigantik announced their partnership with tokenproof to enable our NFTs to provide token-gated access to physical events.

This is huge for dedicated racing fans because the more they engage with RaceDay NFT, the more utility they earn.

Simply put, RaceDay NFT is an ideal case study for other projects considering how to reliably reward collectors with utility.

Generating RaceDay NFT with Bueno

While there are a few NFTs for collectors to choose from in this project, Bueno played a crucial role in the art generation of a few key pieces: the Lugnut from Charlotte Motor Speedway and Pit Boss from Las Vegas Motor Speedway drops.

These two collectibles aren't just your standard PFP NFTs. Far from it, actually! They are beloved mascots that appeal to racecar fans of all generations.

RaceDay NFTs being created on Bueno (image shows the UI)

Our goal is to always make things easier for NFT creators and those who have Web3 ambitions, and with RaceDay NFT, the Bueno Generator did just that:

The one way we'd describe the Bueno generator is seamless. From upload to trait distribution to export of assets and metadata, the process is frictionless and provides a great user experience to RaceDay NFT and Gigantik.

This type of feedback is music to our ears. Helping bring a novel and slick project to life means we are doing our job of building the tools that creators need.

It's important to keep in mind that the right tools don't matter unless there is an intelligent and savvy team leading the project. For fans of NASCAR, racing, NFTs, or all of the above, they can rest easy knowing that the team running the project at RaceDay NFT provides high-quality collectibles with tons of utility.

Combining what you love with Web3

What RaceWay NFT did exceptionally well was identifying a space that could benefit from non-fungible tokens and the utility they can add to an already thriving culture.

Other creators can replicate this and create a solid roadmap for their Web3 projects.

Once you have a plan, a vision, and a direction you want to take, having the right set of tools to put it all together will be the icing on the cake.

Now it's just up to you to make your NFT dreams a reality.

Generate your own digital collectibles. Start generating

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