September 27, 2023

The Benefits of POAPs—Proving Memories Made in the Crypto Space

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POAP is a revolutionary new way to prove your participation at NFT conventions and other digital or in-person events.

Attending any event should be satisfying and fun. You shouldn't have to spend all your time on social media trying to prove your attendance to the world.

The best part after an event is that you can enjoy additional benefits, such as discounted tickets for future conventions, access to exclusive parties, or even beta testing of new apps. On top of that, imagine that you could get an NFT badge that's unique and for attendees only. That's when POAPs come into play.

What is POAP?

The Proof of Attendance Protocol (POAP) is so much more than just some new way to verify your participation at an event. POAP is an Ethereum based app with smart contracts that hold the collectibles. Meaning, POAPs are NFTs representing memories on the blockchain—that unlock a world of possibilities.

Event organizers can issue POAPs to collectors and attendants for bragging rights and exclusive access to raffles, chat rooms, and more. For the issuers, POAP encourages engagement and community building. For attendees, POAPs are the way to save their most memorable moments and share their journey on the web3.

Interesting Fact: POAP was launched at ETHDenver in 2019 as a community project.

Image from the Poap Gallery

More than proof of attendance

POAP has diversified its possibilities beyond proof of attendance. You can now send POAPs as a prize, or as recognition to people that completed specif actions, for example, participated during a chat room, or voted on a poll. The benefits of POAPs are currently just scratching the surface.

The benefits of POAPs

  • Anyone can use it: POAPs are free for everyone.
  • Increases audience engagement: It helps engage people in collaborative initiatives.
  • Adds significant value for the holder: Holders receive a unique token representing valuable moments of participation or assistance.
  • Provides access to exclusive content: For example, you can access or receive special merch after a live event (digital or in-person).
  • For attendants only: Badges are private and unique to your wallet address. You could not have a POAP if you were not there.
  • Custom design: Each badge can be different. You can choose the design to commemorate a specific moment.

All around the world

POAPs also provide a way for everyone in this community to prove what they have done by accumulating these badges. In a way, the more POAPs you have, the more you have contributed to your community.

And most importantly, POAPs will build up over time, and with events, it will create a crypto trading history that is verifiable and immutable.

To mention a few events that distributed POAPs:

  1. NFT NYC for its volunteers
  2. EthGlobal and Protocol Labs at their virtual Hackaton
  3. WomanNFT duting the Art Basel Miami
  4. Decentral Games during Crypto Casino Night
  5. Art Blocks First Anniversary
  6. Ethereum Community Meetup
Image from the poap gallery from the Time drop announcement Sep 2021
Image from the Poap Gallery

Anyone can create a POAP

As an organizer, if you want to create POAPs for your event, all you need to do is:

  1. Create the event at
  2. Add description, dates, and details of your event.
  3. Select the number of POAPs you'd like to have according to the number of attendees.
  4. You'll receive the links through your email.

POAP will help you distribute those links in different ways. For example, you can have a unique URL or maybe a QR code for the winners or selected people to access and get their badges.

Collect and show off

As a collector, there are two ways of keeping your badges in one place. You can use the POAP app to keep track of your collection, or you can use the POAP scanner. Remember that having a POAP is more than proof of attendance or participation. By holding to your badge, you can access exclusive content, for example, future events, discounts, raffles, giveaways, private Discord channels, or chat groups.

It is important to mention that POAPs can be sold, but that’s not the original intention on why they were created. Would you feel the same emotion saving a ticket from a concert you didn’t attend? It’s not the same value, right?

The idea behind holding your POAPs is to keep those memories with you. To collect those bookmarks and show off what you’ve lived in the crypto world.

It's all about the experience

POAPs are here to showcase and validate all the memories created in the crypto space. Today, 21,283+ holders have at least one POAP in their wallets.

We could say the crypto space is still very much in its infancy. There are opportunities to join new projects, meet new people, attend meetups and conferences, and get involved in the community. So it's a good time to be here.

Are you collecting any POAPs? Drop us a line at @buenonft and tell us which one is your favorite.

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