November 1, 2023

Bueno's Integration with Optimism Layer 2: A Game-Changer for NFT Drops

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In the last 30 days alone, Optimism has saved over 107,958 ETH, and Bueno is joining the movement!

We’re now supporting Optimism Layer 2 for generative collections or open and limited edition collectibles, making your NFT journey faster and more affordable. Let’s unpack what it means for you.

Understanding Optimism

Think of Optimism as a speedy layer-2 blockchain developed by some really Ethereum savvy folks. It’s like having a VIP fast lane where all online trades, like buying and selling digital art, happen super quickly and without burning a hole in your pocket. This special lane, built to make things both fast and affordable, is what makes Optimism a go-to place for many digital creators and collectors.

The benefits for Bueno creators like you

  1. Scalability: Picture a blockchain where your digital art sells like hotcakes, not to one person at a time, but to many, all at once, without any digital queues. That's the magic of Optimism - it allows numerous buyers to grab your art instantly and effortlessly on the blockchain!
  2. Affordability: With Optimism it’s like getting a huge discount every time you want to create or trade your digital art pieces (NFTs). Optimism makes these activities way cheaper, meaning you get to save money and potentially have more people collecting your creations because it’s affordable for them too!
  3. Compatibility: Imagine moving your digital art collection into a new online space and everything just fits perfectly without any hassle. That’s what Optimism does! Thanks to some smart tech from Ethereum, moving your digital artworks and creations into Optimism is as easy as pie.
  4. Community-Driven: The introduction of the OP token and the Optimism Collective governance model emphasizes the platform's commitment to its community. As creators, this decentralized, community-centric approach can pave the way for collaborations, insights, and growth.

Why Bueno + Optimism matters

Your creations deserve a platform that’s just as dynamic and forward-thinking! With Optimism in our supported blockchains for smart contracts, we’re not just envisioning a brighter future; we’re ensuring that your NFT journey remains smooth, affordable, and secure.


Q: What is an L2 blockchain?A: L2, or Layer 2, refers to a secondary framework or protocol built on top of an existing blockchain. The primary purpose of L2 solutions, like Optimism or Base, is to increase transaction speeds and reduce costs, without compromising on security.

Q: How does Optimism reduce transaction costs?A: Optimism employs optimistic rollups to group multiple transactions. This method minimizes the data stored on the blockchain, leading to decreased gas fees.

Q: Will my existing NFTs be compatible with Optimism?A: Absolutely! Due to EVM compatibility, any NFTs or smart contracts you've crafted on the Ethereum mainnet will integrate seamlessly with Optimism.

Q: How can I start using Optimism for my NFT drops on Bueno?A: Read our help docs for a detailed step-by-step on how to drop generative art collections or open and limited editions.

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