September 27, 2023

Awesome NFT Projects That Aren’t PFP Collections

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Despite what the endless scrolling through Twitter might suggest, there’s far more to NFTs than the latest PFP collection.

It may sound crazy to some of you, but NFTs aren’t limited to insanely expensive apes or pixelated owls that cost more than an average mortgage.

The reality is that there are extensive applications for NFTs, which is why designers, devs, musicians, photographers, producers, and more creatives are jumping into the metaverse and sharing their projects in the form of non-fungible tokens.

But while each day, artistic minds and creative individuals with metaverse ambitions are using NFT technology to expand their artistic dreams, you might still be thinking, “Okay, well, if it’s not just PFPs, what else is there?”

We’re glad you asked because there are a ton of projects out there that are making waves throughout the metaverse. Below are a few examples of how creatives stretch the possibilities of what NFT and different art forms can accomplish.

Yura Miron and 1/1 artwork

Yura Miron is considered one of the OGs in the NFT space, but unlike PFP collections with tokens made from an amalgamation of traits, Yura’s pieces for sale are multiple editions of his one-of-one artwork.

A 1/1 piece by Yura Miron

Yura’s work is mesmerizing, and one look at his creations makes it immediately clear that they are a far cry from any PFP collection. Each token is visually stunning and draws from various inspirations (which makes sense since Yura is a graphic designer, painter, sculptor, musician, and all-around creative genius).

Moreover, his psychedelic pieces draw from inspiration like nature, lucid dreams, science fiction, and even solarpunk culture. This futuristic and beautifully chaotic symphony of muses defines Yura, making his one-of-one artwork feel ethereal and ghostly.

With all this talent, it shouldn’t be a surprise that Yura’s projects are by no means cheap. While you obviously should always #DYOR, it looks as though NFT enthusiasts are enthusiastic about creative 1-of-1 artists like Yura. For those who are fans of this style of non-fungible token, there are plenty more artists out there waiting to be discovered.

Collectible moments with NBA Top Shots

Short-sided individuals may see NFTs and NFT technology exclusively as expensive jpegs. Still, NBA Top Shot is another example of how non-fungible tokens aren’t just revolutionizing the art world but also sports and memorabilia.

NBA Top Shot collections are unique digital collectibles that let people buy, sell and trade their favorite NBA moments in an entirely new way. So whether it is an insane dunk by LeBron or a step-back by Steph Curry, the most legendary highlights are all available to own on the blockchain.

Another dope part about NBA Top Shot is that these collectibles come in tiers, which means there are different levels of rarity and value to these immortalized sports moments. Each moment is part of a series, so the seriously dedicated fans can own complete collections of their favorite sports moments.

While this type of NFT differs from PFP collections, owners of NBA Top Shots can still sell, trade or diamond hand their tokens whenever they want. And although NBA Top Shot is limited to basketball, there are other sporting NFTs out there, and you can be very confident that other professional leagues will quickly jump on the crypto and NFT hype.

Gaming dives headfirst into the metaverse

The emergence of NFTs in gaming is nothing new. Plenty of examples highlight how NFTs are changing the gaming industry and opening up many opportunities for game and crypto enthusiasts.

Otherwise known as play-to-earn gaming, players of games like Axie Infinity, CryptoKitties, and The Sandbox can buy, own, and sell assets within the game’s ecosystem. This way, players worldwide generate real income from gaming and in-game tokens.

Like any marketplace, the gaming industry does see ebbs and flows in terms of the number of NFTs purchased, volume moved, and the overall number of gamers participating in the gaming economies. There is still a strong presence of players drawn to gaming for the NFTs. There will likely be considerable advancements in owning digital accessories, characters, and land that exists exclusively in gaming worlds.

Tokenized photography is on the rise

Perhaps one of the most popular forms of art turned NFTs is through the medium of photography. Talented creators behind the lens are turning their snapshots into non-fungible tokens and bringing a storied art form into the crypto and NFT space.

Plenty of notable names have carved out a place as photographic NFT artists. One exciting and upcoming collection that highlights the potential of NFT photography is Women Unite’s collections.

According to the description, this unique collection is part of an entire ecosystem that represents womankind’s individuality, allure, and influence through Fashion, Photography, and NFTs. But the description is far from doing it justice, as there are nearly 7k unique portraits of real women from all different backgrounds. The result is a beautiful, eclectic, and distinct collection that shows the sheer range of creative possibilities a photographer can tap into with NFTs.

NFTs in the music industry

Beautiful sounds and famous songs can now be tokenized and owned by all. Musicians and the music industry have taken notice of NFT technology, and songs and parts of songs are being minted on the blockchain. While this is exciting for fans who want to own a piece of their favorite musician’s work, it’s also revolutionary for the artists who will benefit financially from selling their work as NFTs.

For instance, some music NFTs are 1-of-1 additions where there is an individual owner of the musical token, or it can be a limited run where a certain number of people can purchase the NFT and become an owner. In both cases, musicians will generally receive a cut each time the NFT is sold again on a secondary market, further empowering the artist and their craft.

A more specific example is a Kings of Leon NFT that generated eye-popping revenue (one even sold for $162,000). Of course, Kings of Leon is an established and world-recognized group, but even musicians of a lesser-known caliber are profiting off this modern form of musical ownership.

Just scratching the surface of NFTs

As market trends shape how NFT enthusiasts buy and sell, they will also influence how creative minds develop projects. Nearly every modern artistic medium has tested the waters of the metaverse, and each day new projects that aren’t PFP collections are setting new standards for what is possible in Web3.

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