September 27, 2023

Talking With Ben Mauro - The Mastermind of Huxley Humans

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"Huxley is the culmination of my life's work, my magnum opus."

Lucy, Leviathan, The Hobbit, Call of Duty, Halo Infinite, Predator, Valerian, Elysium, and the list goes on. These are some of the projects you'll see in Ben's portfolio as a senior concept designer and art director.

With his vast experience in the gaming world, Ben entered the NFT scene and left us speechless. First, as an NFT artist, he created Evolution, a successful series of limited edition trading cards. Now, his novel series, Huxley, as he said, is "an immersive creative universe a decade in the making."

As the world builder he is, he challenged the Bueno Generator and pushed it to new limits to bring this impressive project to life.

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The project: Humans, avatars, robots, and more

Huxley, the multi-installment saga includes digital and physical versions of the comic and a variety of unique NFT collectibles also redeemable in the physical world. The story is set on Fury-7, a lonely, post-apocalyptic planet abandoned and forgotten by most of humanity. Now humans, robots, and A.I. must fend for survival in a barren world, where the fate of humankind hangs precariously in the balance. As the saga unfolds, the reader begins to unravel Huxley's true purpose and origins.

There’s a complete universe to discover behind this story. This is how the Huxley Ecosystem, and its collection is built:

  • Genesis Tokens are coveted artifacts from the Huxley Universe that can only be obtained by burning comics or bartered for on secondary markets. Genesis Tokens are burned when redeemed for Huxley Avatars.
  • Robots are the premier Huxley Avatar, each individually hand-crafted by Commander Ben Mauro. These are the first and the rarest Huxley Avatars, with only 1000 in existence. Huxley Robot Avatars were designed as variations of the same model robot as Scrape, a character found in the six-issue graphic novel series, and modified to create unique expressions of art at home in the Wastelands of FURY-7 and beyond. These Avatars serve as a digital identity to holders within the community and the greater metaverse.
  • HUMANS are the second Huxley Avatar to be released. Overseen and crafted by Ben himself, each with unique features and styles derived from the category of Genesis Tokens redeemed. Humans include more generative art elements, each painstakingly rendered to the highest-possible fidelity level.
  • A third Huxley Avatar release is set to follow Humans, providing a final use for remaining and newly created Genesis Tokens.

HUXLEY has also partnered with Wilder World for the first of their exciting Metaverse experiences. Wilder World is an immersive 5D Metaverse built on Ethereum, Unreal Engine 5, and ZERO. The long-term vision is to create a community-owned, fully decentralized virtual world, liquid NFT market, and social platform.

Generating NFTs with Bueno

I don't think we could've done the Humans without Bueno.

"There was a lot of learning process during the generation. Bueno does the combination part, but I discovered a huge body of work in a way I didn't think was possible."

Ben's team needed a very particular amount of templates and fixed quantities features, and our goal at Bueno was to help them create a cohesive collection. We knew the capabilities of our NFT Generator; however, this was a very challenging and complex project like we'd never seen before. For example, each token was very specific since it needed to tell the story of the world they’re based in, like genealogy and colony. We’d never had someone use the tags feature in that way.

We decided it was necessary to do some work in the backend, and it was impressive (and, of course, we're proud) to see those updates in time and work out that fast.

Ben's team wanted to create a project that looks very inclusive and diverse, with all types of colors, textures, and different variations, ethnicities, and genders. So This involved more work for everyone to develop and perfect all the details.

On our side, with our no-code tool for NFT artists, we want more projects like this to succeed and help creators achieve their goals, and in that way, we're also improving our suite of tools with every new challenge our way.

A world in the making

Every time, more innovative creators are using blockchain to expand the possibilities of their artwork. Projects like Huxley demonstrate what's possible through imagination, hard work, and finding the right people—and tools to help support your dream.

The NFT universe is genuinely at the genesis of something special. We're always excited to see what projects will follow.

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