September 27, 2023

Humankind Collectibles: Designing a Universe with Bueno

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Stay human. Be kind.

That's the motto of Humankind, an art project and creative team led by Pablo Stanley. With those words comes much more: a unique vision built on decentralized storytelling, heart-warming art, and kindness for all.

On the surface, Humankind may seem like just an art project, but really it's an entire universe of creatures and characters always diving into exciting adventures.

Illustration of Humankind characters and the fantasy world.

What's even more exciting about this epic world of well-meaning monsters and friends is that soon you can own a piece of it and help shape the adventure ahead.

Humankind will be revealing unique collection of art collectibles that will mint in a surprise multi-phase sale starting on November, 16 and ending on November 18.

But before we dive into the details about how you can take part in this magical universe, let's rewind a little to discover how Bueno was able to help bring these magical characters to life.

Putting the "kind" in human with Bueno

While Pablo and the team conjured up the art for this fantastical world and its characters, they used Bueno in various ways to bring the project together.

First, they used the Bueno Generator to turn the art into a full collection of unique art collectibles. With such an expansive set of fun and whimsical traits, the Bueno Generator was key not only for generating each character, but also in assigning the rarity of each token.

GIF of Humankind traits on the Bueno UI
Playing around with token rarity

With such a massive set of traits, Humankind is one of the most artistically complex collections that's ever been generated with Bueno. It has over 280 total traits, but on top of that,  the team applied 80 rules to ensure that each generated token looked perfect and unique. That comes out to thousands of unique and varied art collectibles, each of which is a unique character that can play a part in the Land of Kind.

Setting rules on the Bueno Generator

On top of the long list of traits and rules, there are different "types" of characters in the Humankind collection. For example, there are the "Bonykind," characters with helmets, and normal humans with no special accessories that are less rare. Each of these types of characters has specific traits.

For example, the Bonykind characters are the only tokens that can have skulls, bones, and other skeletal features. The rules applied to the other types of characters prevent them from having traits specific to the Bonykind tokens.

Bueno templates showing three different types of Humankind tokens.

While this layer of complexity might be impossible to work around with other art generators, the Templates feature in Bueno made assigning traits to specific characters seamless.

There are more secrets to this drop that we can't reveal yet. What we can say is that Humankind is using an ERC-721A contract made with Bueno with a very one-of-a-kind mint flow experience.

So not only was Bueno key for creating the smart contracts, but also played a significant role in building out the allowlists, all in addition to generating this whimsical art collection.

Some alpha to be kind

The art collectibles and minting phase are just a tiny part of the Humankind adventure. Collectors will have a crucial role in shaping the adventures that unfold and assisting in creating The Land of Kinds.

Still, there's more that comes with designing this universe: collectors will get sneak peeks, early access to the latest products, dope merchandise, and additional benefits, including dibs on future projects like Creaturekind, Spiritkind, and Monsterkind.

So remember to stay human, be kind, and dive into a world of possibilities.

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