September 27, 2023

GM from Good Monkeyz: Generating NFTs with Bueno

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It's an ape-eat-ape world out in the metaverse, but now a different simian is on the rise...

Maybe that was a dramatic intro, but the truth is, NFTs have been obsessed with Apes since BAYC. Even derivative apes that are lesser versions of their blue-chip inspiration find themselves in a bullish territory from time to time.

But as the dramatic opening of this post hints, it's not only apes making a mark in NFT circles. Now, it's a gang of Monkeyz making noise in the NFT space, and more precisely speaking, Good Monkeyz.

Getting to know Good Monkeyz

The brief OpenSea description of Good Monkeyz is short and sweet: a collection of unique PFPs that display a broad range of diverse traits. On top of that, holders gain access to exclusive memberships and other Good Monkeyz benefits.

The Good Monkeyz icon

But that's just the high-level breakdown of this recently launched project.

Good Monkeyz is innovative, fun, and has a promising roadmap. Similar to projects like The Lobstars and WonderPals, Good Monkeyz turned to Bueno to help get the collection off the ground, more specifically, putting the artwork together into a cohesive and complete collection of digital assets.

We spoke with Charles Patterson, the person at the helm of this promising young collection, to get an inside perspective on the design and building process of Good Monkeyz.

Before Good Monkeyz

Charles Patterson loves fonts.

He even remembers when he first met someone who shared this specific artistic passion, "I remember the first time I met another person who also shared a love of fonts… when you say it out loud, it even sounds weird. It was that day that I discovered that other people also enjoy shapes and colours."

For over a decade, Charles honed his design skills, focusing on shapes, colors (or colours for those across the pond), and fonts. However, his design talents are far from just a hobby: companies like Finder and InVision are just a few businesses that entrusted Charles with senior-level design positions.

While the early days were about pushing design to new heights in his respective industries, Web3 was calling to Charles.

Diving into the world of NFTs

It was the early days of NFTs when a specific collection caught Charles' attention: Crypto Kitties. While the popular non-fungible felines were still complex assets to attain, the technology and immense possibilities surrounding these digital assets continued to ignite Charles' imagination.

"My close friend and Web3 Partner, Sammy B, introduced me to Crypto Kitties, and I was blown away by the technology. Around this time, it wasn't easy to attain these assets, so I missed out on the super-early days of NFTs."

Despite missing out on the initial pioneer phase of NFTs, Charles was energized and itching for more of this emerging world of digital tokens. However, it wasn't until Charles met Pablo Stanley – the Boto Father of Robotos – and started learning more about generative art and design systems.

Good Monkeyz leader board

It was here that Charles' professional skills and newfound interest began to mesh into a vision, and the first steps towards creating a distinct collection of tokens were creeping up on the horizon.

Getting Good Monkeyz off the ground

After introducing Charles to generative art, both Pablo and Charles found themselves on a podcast together, diving further down the depths of the NFT rabbit hole. Charles was, as he says it, "completely hooked."

While Charles had never created a illustration system, he knew that his vision had legs and was up for the challenge of creating an NFT collection.

The first step on the roadmap for Charles' project was designing the traits and the overall system. While there was no shortage of creative skills, Charles still had to choose the styles and characters:

"I wanted to do characters that weren't tied to humans but still had human traits, but animals like cats, dogs, apes, and koalas had all been taken. I noticed that no one was doing monkeys, and I thought, hey, monkeys are cute! So it kind of clicked."

With an animal representative chosen and a style set, Charles made what can only be described as a metaverse-savvy move, "I wanted to tie in the NFT lingo into the collection, and what came to mind was GM. Good Monkeyz, GM, and just like that, Good Monkeyz was born on the 19th of January."

The Good Monkeyz get rolling with the Bueno Generator

Although Charles had the art ready and a dope name to go with it, there was still the matter of generating it all into a complete NFT collection. As many people know, it usually takes a team with knowledge of coding to produce a large NFT collection.

Like many others first looking to launch a collection, Charles was missing a few things, "When I first started making the collection, I had no clue how I was going to generate it. I found a script online, but my coding days are long behind me."

This moment is where the Bueno Generator swooped in to help Charles put the pieces together and bring Good Monkeyz to life, "Bueno saved me, and I couldn't have done this without the Bueno Generator. It allowed Good Monkeyz to be a possibility and at a much higher quality than what would have been possible."

Most importantly for someone like Charles who has the creative skills, technical know-how, and drive to bring a project to life, was being able to preview the project before releasing it to the public.

"Even more than speeding up my workflow, the Bueno Generator allowed me to see the collection in real-time. I could see how it looked at each stage, which was huge. With Bueno, you can clearly see everything right in front of you."

In the case of Good Monkeyz, Bueno Generator was there to help give the project structure. But Charles is ambitious, and the collection is carving out a solid and supportive following.

The roadmap and journey are looking long and promising for Good Monkeyz.

The deeper meaning behind NFTs

When we asked Charles what he thinks about NFTs and the role they play in the art and creative landscape, he had an answer that summed up the beautiful potential that generative art can have:

What do I think of my fellow peers getting paid to do what they do best? It's a dream. But it goes far beyond getting paid: we're introducing everyone to NFTs through beauty, and the true beauty lies in the technology. The future is NFTs, and JPEGs are just the beginning."

At Bueno, we couldn't agree more with this sentiment. Both NFTs and art have the power to change the world for the better, and making tools that allow more creators to enter the space with their own projects is one way we want to help shape a promising space in Web3 and the world.
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