September 27, 2023

Deskheads: Creating the 9 to 5 Revolution with Bueno

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In 1968, a French writer named Pierre Bearn formulated the saying "Metro, boulot, dodo." Which translates to "Subway, work, sleep.”

It's a saying highlighting the problem with the modern world that lives to work day in and day out. It's a sad view that paints society as a collection of emotionless drones incapable of escaping the monotonous and capitalistic routine.

One group is trying to break that pattern of living and looking to lead what they call the 9-to-5 revolution: Deskheads.

What Are Deskheads?

In simple terms, Deskheads is an NFT collection of 3,333 unique humanoid-like beings set in a dystopian representation of the modern human. Apart from their brief description, there's something immediately clear about this NFT project that differentiates itself from other PFP collections: the movement.

Instead of static images, Deskheads is a generative collection of GIFs, and the result of each one of these tokens is something both beautiful and mesmerizing.

Seeing how creative the approach was to this project, we wanted to know more, so we spoke with Andrei J. Luca, the Creative Director of Deskheads, to get the insider details on how this project came to be.

Profile of Andrei J Luca Creative Director of Deskheads

Here's how he described coming up with the dynamic art:

After seeing the art that Chris - the lead artist of Deskheads – made, we knew immediately that we had to bring them to life with animations. That decision basically pushed out the launch by more than 6weeks, but tbh I think it was worth it in the end.

Apart from the oddly satisfying motion and the gorgeous art, there's an immense amount of utility baked into this collection.

For instance, they have the Incubator, a place where independent artists, creatives, and builders can get support if they need to break into Web3.

They also have a suite of software tools designed to enhance creative's web3 experience. And of course, holders get access to cool merch and tons of other dope things that are exclusively for those committed to the Deskhead revolution.

For diamond hands, Deskheads took utility to a whole new level.

Leveling up your Deskhead

Many teams like to boast about the utility they incorporate into their collections, but this promise of useful NFTs often falls short. With Deskheads, the team isn't only focusing on providing holders with immediate benefits but also giving even more perks to those who hold their tokens.

Deskhead animated NFTs

The Deskheads team has a name for this incrementally increasing utility: on-chain leveling.

On-chain leveling is what it sounds like: the longer a holder has their token, the more utility and rewards they unlock. As they put it, this staking feature is a one-time event stored on the blockchain, increasing the value of the owner's Deskhead. Here's how Andrei put it:

The on-chain leveling is a great way to reward people that are here for the long run. Instead of giving away tokens for staking, we are counting the staked time on-chain. This means that your NFT retains its cumulative staking level, even when transferred or unstaked.

After the incredible design, this project's most immediately apparent aspect is the team's dedication to helping others. They're redefining what NFT utility means and setting a high bar for other projects who want to give back to the community.

Before he could give all this utility back into the hands of loyal HDLRs, the team faced the question of how to generate the collection.

Movement made possible by Bueno

For Andrei, the idea of building a project with Bueno came before Deskheads was even on his mental radar. Initially, the curiosity stemmed from creative ideas he could unlock with Bueno's toolkit.

I'm such a fan of the Bueno UI. I actually joined the beta waitlist way before thinking of making Deskheads to play around and see what's possible.

More than just finding a valuable set of Web3 tools, he found joy in creating with Bueno. It left him inspired and eager to discover more of what the space had to offer, and it was at this moment the creative inspiration hit, "Frankly, the joy of using the app inspired me to dig a little deeper into NFTs and give Chris a call."

Luckily for every fan of art and NFTs Andrei made that call because Deskheads came out extraordinary and was the ideal testimony for Bueno's animation feature.

But more than just being an excellent creator testimonial, without this feature, Deskheads might have looked quite different, "If it wasn't for the build-in animation feature of Bueno, Deskheads would have probably been a static jpeg."

In other words, Bueno helped define the direction of the collection and distinguish it from other static PFP collections that have become commonplace in the NFT scene.

Simply unbeatable

The technical side of NFTs and generative art can seem intimidating for many creatives. Building a collection can feel so daunting that many incredible ideas never get to see the light of the metaverse.

The team here at Bueno thinks it’s a tragedy when creators give up on their Web3 aspirations, which is why it’s such an important part of our mission to make NFT tools intuitive and easy to use.

Once again, Andrei delivered the perfect soundbite for artists who are considering building their collection with Bueno:

Bueno is hands down the best way to create and launch an NFT collection, especially if you are not a super technical person. There are a lot of many compelling features packaged in a simple and intuitive interface.

This praise from a talented creator and collections like Deskheads that push the limits of generative art makes it clear that there are endless possibilities for Web3 builders.

What's next for Deskheads?

Deskheads has big plans in their roadmap. Everything from crypto prizes to treasure hunts across the web is coming, and there's no end in sight for the Deskheads and the 9 to 5 revolution.

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