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Buenoverse: A New Way to Create 2D Worlds and Games With No Code


Jay G. Perlman


Say hello to Buenoverse: a place where anyone can make 2D virtual worlds & games with friends in real time.

September 29, 2023

At Bueno, we set out to transform the way people create virtual worlds and games, and how they hangout online. The result? Buenoverse! A no-code tool, packed with AI, that lets you join forces with others to build 2D worlds in real time. It's about creating and having fun together, without the fuss.

What does world builder mean exactly?

It’s simple: It means that anyone can build any space or game they can imagine.

Think of a zen garden for meditation, or a virtual conference room for an important meeting , or possibly a curated art gallery full of your favorite pieces, or even a mysterious private island with hidden adventures and treasures.

With Buenoverse, literally anyone can build that and more!

You might be saying, “Okay that sounds great, but, how?”

First off, Buenoverse is incredibly user-friendly and intuitive. We've designed it making sure that everyone – regardless of design background or creative skills – has the power to harness their imagination.

AI's remarkable power also plays a big part in making this possible. That along, with a library of over 2,500 ready-to-use assets to help you get started, makes it so world building is both fun and easy.

But that's just a high-level description of what Buenoverse is all about. Here's a deeper look at the expansive possibilities behind your new favorite world-building tool.

Getting started with world building

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned designer, here's how you can use our AI-powered features to turn your game or world-building fantasies into reality.

1. Use our AI image generator to create worlds from scratch

When creating your space in Buenoverse, you can start from scratch, use one of our awesome kits to get things going, or dive into the AI image generator to create captivating backgrounds and objects.

Here's a step-by-step look at how it works:

  1. Open your world and click 'Build' at the top.
  2. Choose 'Image Generator' from the menu.
  3. Select 'Object' as the type of image to create.
  4. Pick the art style you want the AI to use.
  5. Describe what you want as an object in the 'Prompt' field.
  6. Sketch your object
  7. Finally, click 'Generate'! Sit back and watch as the AI brings your dream object to life!

Plus, this same process works for generating backgrounds for your world. For a quick visual reference, check out how Pablo Stanley makes this mesmerizing meadowland background in just a matter of minutes:

But the power of these AI features doesn't stop there...

2. Add AI-powered dialogues to your characters

Have you ever heard the term "NPC" and wondered what that means?

An NPC, short for "non-player character," is a term commonly used in video games to refer to characters that are coded with pre-determined answers. Basically, they are characters meant to fill up your world and interact with you!

For example, in a fantasy role-playing game, an NPC could be a wise old wizard who guides the player on their quest and offers valuable advice.

In Buenoverse, you can create your own dynamic characters to fill up your world with conversations and interactions thanks to our AI-powered dialogues!

Setting up a dialogue for a Non-Player Character (NPC)

It's as simple as writing a prompt and letting our magic AI come up with an engaging dialogue for your non-playable characters.

So if you want an alien named Zorp to inhabit your futuristic hangout spot, you got it! Or, if you need a friendly sheriff to lay down the law in your old western town, no problem.

With this feature up your sleeve, you can make sure that your guests and community always have someone to talk to.

3. Creating quests with NPC dialogues

Imagine you want to pen unique dialogues for your Non-Playable Characters (NPCs). With Buenoverse, you can tailor interactions and conversations to the exact depth and nuance you envision.

Our intuitive dialogue flow charts make it seamless to design intricate character conversations. Moreover, these dialogues can branch out based on player responses. This means your adventures can be more immersive and dynamic. For instance, you could challenge players to hand over an item to an NPC, who, in return, offers another essential item to advance the quest.

Consider an example where a player must retrieve a book from a library. Once they've accomplished that, an NPC can provide them with a pickaxe, facilitating their mission to clear an obstructed path. This interaction is powered by simple /give and /take commands.

View our dialogue feature as your toolkit for quest creation. After all, it's your game. Chart your own course!

4. Real-time collaboration

It's your world, so you can invite whomever you want to create with you!

To make this possible, we made it so creators can give other players access to build and create in their space. All it takes is a few clicks, and you're ready to invite your squad to expand on your space.

Here's a quick guide on how you can start adding friends as builders.

You might be thinking, “What if I want to be playing a game or explore the world while others build?” That’s totally cool too! You and your guests can choose to build or hang at the same time.

5. Live chat with other players

Being able to type to your friends and community in your world is cool, but wouldn't it be fun to talk to everyone while you're hanging out and creating?

We thought so!

So we added a voice chat feature that lets you talk in real-time with your peers while you're vibing away in your world.

Now, you can enjoy more memorable moments that otherwise would have been lost in the soundless void.

6. Add all the interactions you want!

You might think, "I have no idea how to design games."

We're here to tell you not to worry because the interaction features in Buenoverse allow everyone to make fun games that guests can play and interact with.

What exactly do we mean by game building? Here are some of the dope ways you can gamify your world:

  • Give players XP to level up or lose points based on specific interactions.
  • Level or token-gate certain interactions so players have to acquire enough points to access a particular interaction.
  • Create leaderboards in your game to promote fierce competition.
  • Animate certain objects or even add sounds to specific objects inside your world.

Again, these are just the basics, but by implementing these features and gamifying your experience, you can create magical quests, set up heated battles against other players, or design addicting treasure hunts!

In other words, this is your world and your game. You're in charge, and you get to make the rules.

The possibilities are endless in Buenoverse

When creating this tool, we set out to find the ideal convergence of artificial intelligence, world creation, collaboration, and community engagement.

With AI-powered features like image and object generation, NPC dynamic dialogues, and real-time collaboration, Buenoverse empowers creators to bring their dreams to life, whether designing an exciting quest through a dungeon or hosting a futuristic dance party.

But our belief in working together remains a fundamental part of our mission. That's why this tool not only fosters individual creativity but also encourages collaboration, allowing you to invite friends to build and create together.

The power is now in your hands. It's up to you to see where it takes you!

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