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Bueno Integrates Pinata to Provide Creators with IPFS Upload


Jay G. Perlman


From day one, Pinata has been on a mission to empower creators.

September 27, 2023

Whether it's images or video, 3D files, or an app, the team at Pinata is helping creators share their projects with the world, empowering them to own their platform, and making Web3 a better experience for everyone. 

But you might be asking, “Okay, but what is Pinata exactly, and why is Bueno partnering with them?”

Changing the way we create and manage content on IPFS

Starting in 2018, Pinata has been on a mission to create tools and infrastructure that make it easier for creators to refer to, create, and manage content and data on the InterPlanetary File System (otherwise known as IPFS).

Why is this so important? If you’ve ever created an NFT project, you’ll know that these projects have a lot of data that needs to be stored. Blockchains are still pretty lackluster when it comes to storing large amounts of off-chain data.

Plus, you might know that once you upload data to the blockchain, it’s not so simple to tweak it or share it with others.

When it comes to uploading your mammoth-sized token sets and trying to share them with your fellow community members, this can be a problem.

So what did Pinata do about it?

Founders Kyle Tut and Matt Ober knew that for blockchain to scale and reach its full potential for creators, it needed a reliable conduit for off-chain data. With this information in mind, they built their own tools to help technical and non-technical creators access IPFS.

It didn’t take long for them to realize that they created a product that was, to put it mildly, revolutionary.

Whether on devices or decentralized cloud servers, Pinata gives users peace of mind knowing that their data is exactly what they expect.

As Kyle also mentions about Pinata, “Owners of any type of data can utilize their data without any restraints.” In other words, Pinata gives owners the ability to own the future of their data. This type of ownership allows owners to transfer this data between people, prove ownership, make money off it, and use it in the best possible way.

What does IPFS have to do with NFTs, and how is it improving the internet?

We currently live in a world where the web relies almost exclusively on the traditional file hosting services on HTTPS. While no one would argue the huge advancements that HTTPS ushered into society, it’s clear that it’s becoming outdated.

What’s the issue with HTTPS? For one, it promotes centralization over decentralization, which has its problems (website crashes, anyone?). Plus, it’s inefficient and, at times, super costly.

That’s where IPFS comes in to save the day.

Upload it IPFS button with NFTs in the background
NFT art: Pokey Universe made with Bueno

Matt describes IPFS as the secret sauce to Pinata and the “peanut butter to the blockchain jelly.” Here are some of the ways that IPFS is superior to HTTP and also a significantly better option for storing your NFTs:

  • IPFS is a cheaper and more efficient alternative for storing metadata and content.
  • IPFS is based on the principles of decentralization and means the end of “servers hosting websites.”
  • IPFS promotes secure, private, and direct communication without the need for an intermediary.
  • IPFS has much greater scalability across nodes, and is significantly more stable. 
  • HTTP searches based on locations; IPFS does searching based on content.

The list continues, but what really gets Kyle and Matt excited about IPFS is that it allows any data or file of any size to exist, which means that nearly anything can be turned into an NFT and stored in an efficient and trustworthy way. It doesn’t stop with just NFTs! Pinata is also ideal for games, apps, marketplaces, music, and more. 

The Bueno and Pinata partnership that empowers NFT creators

As digital art enthusiasts, we know that creating an NFT collection usually comes with a heavy amount of content and data, and uploading (or pinning) your NFT collection to IPFS can be a bit of a process. However, when you pin to Pinata with Bueno, you get awesome features that help with uploading speed as well as asset management. 

Perhaps most importantly, those who use Pinata via the Bueno art generator get peace of mind knowing that their NFT art and metadata won’t disappear. As long as the IPFS network exists, a user’s pinned assets will be discoverable on the network. On top of that, you won’t have to worry about what might happen if Piñata no longer pins your file, as anyone else on the network can pin the assets, including token holders themselves.

Pretty awesome, right?

But there’s something else: you can upload your token assets and metadata to IPFS in one little click from Bueno.

The goal is to make the creative process more inviting, convenient, and accessible for all creators, and the possibilities of what you can do in this space are growing by the day.

As Matt says, “Being able to shape the way the internet is evolving is truly exciting.”

Learn how to upload assets to IPS in Bueno! Read tutorial
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