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Bueno Bytes: A Look Back at Six Months of Powerful Updates


Gaby Araujo


While you are busy creating, our team is working hard to bring you exciting updates that can take your creative journey to the next level.

September 27, 2023

From small tweaks to major changes, our goal is to make your experience seamless and, most importantly, fun! Here are 14 powerful new updates that we've shipped over the last six months:

1. Smart Contract Optimizations

We've optimized our smart contracts, slashing gas usage by ~70%, saving creators significantly on deployment costs.

To put it in perspective, the cost of deployment (in gas fees) has dropped from a range of $50-100 to just $13! And the gas used to deploy has gone from 2,577,602 to a mere 774,653.

2. Our newest tool: Bueno Drops

With Bueno Drops, you can create open & limited edition collections effortlessly. Enjoy features like ready-to-go drop pages, early access for collectors, automatic revenue split, and more.

🔗 Get ready-to-go, customizable drop pages, enabling your supporters to buy your art directly.

🎁 Want to reward loyal collectors? Give them early access by linking an allowlist.

🤝 Collaborating on a drop? Automate sales and royalty splitting on-chain.

🛡️ Rely on our secure and flawless contracts, audited by 0xMacro, ensuring both security and reliability.

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3. Marketing Asset Generator

Promoting your collection is now a breeze with our Marketing Asset Generator. In just a few clicks, you can create diverse, eye-catching visual assets, both static and animated, to promote your unique collection. Plus, visuals are sourced directly from your Bueno drop. You can also select from various formats to suit different platforms, ensuring your art always looks its best wherever it’s shared!

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4. Form templates

We've reimagined the form-building experience on Bueno. Now, you can pick from a variety of form templates – like an allowlist, event registration, or giveaway – or create your own form from scratch. You can add elements and validations, re-order them, and even add images, all live on the form and from the same view – no more tabs!

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5. Trust and safety measures

In our ongoing efforts to ensure a safe and reliable space for our users, we've introduced a series of trust and safety features:

  1. 🚨 Report button - Keeping Bueno safe is a shared responsibility, and now it’s easier than ever to report any collections that violate our terms.
  2. 🔗 Contract-based URL - We've added a feature that fetches the OpenSea URL from the contract to make setting up a mint page more secure.

6. Backstories powered by ChatGPT

You can now generate AI-based descriptions for your characters or any type of tokens based on their traits. With just a click, you can unlock new layers of your creative vision, providing a backstory for each token and adding depth and richness to your digital collectibles.

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7. Curated regeneration

This feature allows you to regenerate selected tokens without having to regenerate your entire collection. You don't have to worry about duplicates, as Curated Regeneration ensures each regenerated token is new and unique, keeping your collection diverse and exciting.

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8. Project and profile verification

Trust is paramount in the digital art world, and our new verification features are here to reinforce that. You can now verify your Bueno profile and your projects by linking your social media accounts, assuring everyone that they're dealing with the real you and your authentic work.

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9. Support of MP4 token generation

No longer confined to GIFs, Bueno now supports the generation of MP4 tokens. This new feature allows your animations to be in MP4 format, providing higher quality and smoother playback for your animated artwork.

10. Moving collections/forms between projects

We've made it possible for users to move collections or forms between projects they have access to. As long as you are the owner of the projects, you can transfer collections or forms as needed, allowing you to manage your creative work more efficiently.

11. Email login

In our ongoing quest to make Bueno more user-friendly, we're excited to introduce email authentication. You can now login directly on Bueno using your email, eliminating the need to create a crypto wallet. This update makes it easier for every creator to try our tools and create art on the blockchain, opening up the world of Bueno to a broader audience of creators.

12. Bueno School is live

We believe in making digital art accessible to everyone, and that's why we launched Bueno School! Our free, on-demand courses are designed to teach you how to use our no-code tools to unlock your creative superpowers.

Our first course is taught by our CEO, Pablo Stanley, who will guide you through creating generative art collections with no code. Trust us; you'll learn how to create a collection in no time.

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13. Adobe Express add-on

We're thrilled to announce our new Adobe Express plugin, developed in partnership with the Adobe team. Now, you can effortlessly launch a Bueno Drop from your Adobe Express project and experience a more streamlined, intuitive way to craft your digital collectibles. We're dedicated to opening up the world of web3 to creators at all skill levels, and with this add-on, we're one step closer!

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14. More than 15 new Microverse kits

We introduced 15+ Microverse kits! Each kit is themed and filled with pre-made items, allowing you to dive into world-building with ease. Whether you're imagining dungeons, the wild west, space, the big apple, or a cyberpunk landscape, you can kickstart your creation with a simple click. We're making world creation a breeze!

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Other small but powerful updates

  • We turned to 0xMacro for smart contract auditing and review, so you can feel confident that your drop will be secure & reliable.
  • Now, you can navigate the contract flow without having to generate a tokenset right away. Once you're ready to deploy, you can create and pay for your tokenset all within the same convenient interface.
  • Contracts, forms, and collections are now displayed within a user’s project page. And the contract setup process is now a part of the collection flow with a user-friendly "Launch" tab.
  • With a sleek new look and more intuitive UI, our minting pages were revamped and are now more user-friendly than ever.
  • We've made it possible for you to edit royalty settings post deployment on the contract management page. This update gives you the ability to adapt and respond to changing circumstances, even after your collection is live.

On our journey to build the best tools for digital creators

And there you have it, folks - an incredible six-month journey packed with breakthrough updates, all aimed at making your creative experience with Bueno even more amazing.

Remember, we're here for YOU - the creators and innovators of the digital art world. We understand that our tools must evolve as quickly as your imagination, and that's exactly what we're aiming for!

Your creativity and feedback inspires us, and we can't wait to see the incredible things you'll create with Bueno.

And what better way to wrap up this feature-packed journey than by sharing a snapshot of the dedicated team behind the scenes, tirelessly crafting these exceptional tools just for you? 🖤

Happy creating!

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