September 27, 2023

Bueno Leverages Alchemy to Power No-Code Tools for NFT Creators

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In the past few years, NFTs (otherwise known as non-fungible tokens or digital collectibles) exploded onto the scene and made their way into mainstream culture.

Artists and builders turned this new technology into a creative phenomenon and are developing projects with colossal value and utility for collectors.

While 2022 was a rollercoaster ride in the NFT space, 2023 started with a new sense of determination and hope. Artists are seeing fresh opportunities to build the next big thing in Web3.

This newly invigorated community is also driving innovation on the technical and product side of the space. More than ever, artists require quality tools to help them seamlessly build and develop their NFT projects without needing any coding experience.

That's where tools like Bueno and Alchemy step in.

Bueno's Debut Into the NFT Space

It was early 2021, and Pablo Stanley wanted to test his hand at creating an NFT collection. To complete his genesis collection with an already heavy workload, he knew that he would need a team ready to learn about a new space, plus figure out a new way to create this art.

Although building this collection together had its peaks and valleys, the team felt energized by the tech they learned, the community they met, and the new possibilities for improving the space.

The lightbulb moment flickered, and the team launched Bueno, a powerful no-code toolkit for NFT creators to take them through the whole lifecycle of a project.

The team has new faces two years later, and NFTs are still evolving rapidly. What has stayed the same is the steadfast determination to keep innovating in the space.

Why Bueno Chose Alchemy

To make creating an NFT collection as seamless as possible, the team knew that each aspect of the toolkit needed to be considered sound. Bueno turned to Alchemy, the powerful Web3 development platform, to ensure that users have the most reliable communication with the Blockchain while using the Bueno platform.

Alchemy UI. The most powerful web3 infrastructure.

With a rapidly growing community of artists who've generated more than a million tokens using Bueno, scalability was a critical component of the partnership with Alchemy.

But scalability is only as good if the platform can stay reliable and glitch-free for its users. Alchemy's track record working with platforms like OpenSea and SuperRare demonstrates how they are both dependable and highly respected in the industry. Additionally, access to Alchemy's 24/7 customer success team was essential to shorten our product development life cycles.

Here's how Zack Tanner, Bueno's co-founding engineer, summed up working with Alchemy:

Alchemy has made it incredibly easy for us to scale our platform from a pricing and product perspective. Alchemy's pricing structure automatically scaled to our usage without us needing to worry about downtime. Additionally, we've been able to leverage their Blockchain & NFT APIs, freeing our development resources to focus on our core product.

How did Alchemy help Bueno?

Alchemy plays a critical role in various ways, but one of the primary examples is how their feature-rich NFT API platform powers our Forms product. When using Forms to confirm data such as a collector's ETH balance or NFT ownership, Alchemy is vital for the verification side of this process.

One of the most important aspects of launching an NFT collection is the minting experience, and few things anger a community more than a subpar one. For Bueno, ensuring that the NFT creators are satisfied with their minting experience and the launch of their collection is crucial. Alchemy helps us ensure this from mint to reveal, by providing real-time insights so that we can display the most up-to-date information to both the creator & collectors.

Alchemy Supernode. The revolutionary blockchain engine that ensures infinite scalability, reliability, and 100% accuracy.

Both developers and users can feel confident that projects that are powered by Alchemy technology are in good hands.

About Alchemy

Alchemy is the leading web3 development platform powering millions of users around the world. Alchemy's mission is to bring blockchain technology to the masses by enabling web3 developers to quickly build and deploy products. With a developer platform designed to ease the process of building and running on-chain applications, Alchemy provides a “translation layer” that streamlines programming, data querying, and app deployment. Tools like Alchemy are vital for the web3 ecosystem because they allow products to launch, scale, and iterate quickly. The most recognized names in web3 like Dapper, dYdX, and Opensea, as well as established name brands like Meta, Adobe, and Shopify, use Alchemy’s infrastructure to build and manage their applications.

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