Space Cats Odyssey: Series 1

Created by Space Cats Odyssey

Discover the Meow-T Star System, a new galaxy with 7 inhabited planets and a civilization of 1,111 evolved cat species on each planet, boasting a total of 7,777 unique variants.


NIP, the miracle herb and primary energy source for all living things, fuels everything from spacecraft to currency, food, medicine, and self-indulging entertainment, and every civilization shares a desire for it.


The Space Cats Station, a peaceful hub established by the Galactic Federation of Meow-T, serves as a marketplace for socializing, trading, and launching space shuttles. However, the demand for NIP is increasing, leading to conflicts over the remaining finite resource within the galaxy.


Embark on an interstellar journey beyond the Space Cats Station and Boxite, where the real challenges of survival and the search for NIP await. Navigate through the unknown depths of the Meow-T Star System and prepare for the journey ahead.