Created by Pablo Stanley

Hi, I’m Pablo Stanley, and I made this.


And, as you can see, I'm super excited to share this experiment with naive doodles with you.




Jellybeings is a collection of naive doodles with bold shapes, abstract bodies, and patterns. Drawing inspiration from Mexican textiles, fauvism, and kawaii art, this collection celebrates color and absurdity.


I hope people can see this collection as a playful exploration of form and color, where bulbous, simple figures meet abstract expressionist patterns. The colorful biomorphic forms, with distorted and elongated forms, add a touch of surrealism to these cartoonish creations.




These were all hand-drawn, and no AI was used. In a world that is rapidly getting bombarded with ai-powered art, this is an alternative that, while digital, there’s still a human putting the pixels together.



While each Jellybeing can be owned as a digital collectible in the web3 space, they are also $ CC0 licensed$ , allowing anyone to use and enjoy them freely. This collection is about creating and sharing art and reimagining the boundaries of art ownership and accessibility.

Once the collection is minted, the entire series will be shared with the world, including the source files so that anyone can use it in their creations.

By collecting a Jellybeing, you’re contributing to making human-made art more accessible.

Thank you!

I appreciate you helping me fill the world with doodles, one Jellybeing at a time.