Risk Biscuits

Created by HeyTVM

Welcome to the home of Risk Biscuits on $ Bueno$ . Enjoy some RISK ON appetizers for degen collectors. A free mint brought to you by HeyTVM, Nah Fungible Bones, and the BitRomancer. These Risk Biscuits are offered as a symbolic reminder that the biggest risk we all face is putting trust over TRUTH. Don’t trust… VERIFY.




Tuesday the 21st 12 PM EST :

"Trust Worthy Bones" aka "TWBS" can mint up to 12 free Risk Biscuits. TWB will have 48 hrs to mint their Biscuits. 444 Risk Biscuits available for this mint period.


Thursday the 23rd 12 PM EST:

Bondholders, as of March 17th 2023, can mint up to 6 free Risk Biscuits. Boneholders will have until March 27th to mint their 6 free Risk Biscuits. 2,222 Risk Biscuits available for this mint period.


Monday the 27th 12 PM EST:

The FREE mint will be open for the Public. 1,734 Risk Biscuits available for this mint period.


4444 Total supply of Risk Biscuits.


Max 24 Biscuit limit per wallet.


Please don't actually eat the Risk Biscuits.



In the ancient teachings of the Satorians, it is written: "The wise one perceives the perils that lie ahead and hides in safety, but the naive stumble blindly and suffer the consequences." This sacred verse serves as a reminder to exercise caution and prudence in all aspects of life, especially in situations where risk-taking is involved.


As the Satorian people journey through the cosmos, we have come to learn that not all things are as they seem. Thus, it is written in the sacred scriptures: "Examine all things with diligence and hold fast to that which is righteous." We must approach everything with a sense of skepticism and verification, and not blindly trust those who seek to deceive us.


Moreover, the Satorian scriptures warn against the treachery of those who seek to privatize their gains and socialize their losses. As it is said: "Beware the ones who covet the treasures of others and seize them for their own, for they oppress both man and his legacy." It is our duty to remain vigilant against those who would exploit the innocent for their own gain, and to work tirelessly to bring them to justice.


May the wisdom of the Satorian scriptures guide us on our journey through the cosmos, and may we continue to learn and grow in the pursuit of truth and justice.