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About Crypto Brujas

CryptoBrujas embark on a mystical journey, sweeping floors and skies with her magical broom and with the help of Freddy the Cat & Mr. Mushy. You might find her in Costa Rica, London, Mars or perhaps right in the Milky Way. Her tattoos are superpowers and if you are lucky she might look at you in the eye and blink. She won't burn you, but you might have to.

CryptoBrujas is a photography generative collection by @OMBRUJA . The official link of the mint will be provided prior to the mint.

OMBRUJA is a collective led by model/actor Carolina Coto (model in CryptoBrujas) who's been the face for brands such as Nike, Adidas and led global awareness campaigns like "Buy a Lady a Drink" by Stella and, as well as featured the magazine covers of Health & Fitness Magazine, Runners World amongst others.

A unique contribution to Web3 culture binding crypto-art with the spiritual rise of the BRUJA (witch) movement and female empowerment.

OMBRUJA values the power of the healing arts and the mission of onboarding new artists, guiding and curating them into awakening their magic. 

OMBRUJA has curated top level artists like photographer Fernando Samalot and painter Adi Spiegelman during Art Basel 2022 and plans on expanding by onboarding Brujas in her discord.

CryptoBrujas eloquently merges photography with Artificial Intelligence, Illustration and Animation into an exquisite and fun Spring/Summer 2023 collection. 

Your 90’s poster just came to the blockchain with much more technology that we could have ever dreamed for.

Welcome to the tribe!


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